Compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio

Find out how the Gemini and Scorpio Zodiac Signs match together

Both Gemini and Scorpio natives are like the poles of a magnet. They have nothing in common with regard to their characteristics. As a result, their love match might be a turbulent one. The Scorpio is a passionate being who takes things seriously and to whom a relationship is both serious and profound. For a Gemini, however, relationships tend to be more on the surface as he or she finds loyalty to one person difficult. The non-serious attitude of the Gemini zodiac sign will strike the Scorpio as being too juvenile, fickle and unreliable.

Dictatorial, pressuring, all-consuming and tenacious is what the Gemini will think of the Scorpio. Being naturally amorous, the Gemini will end up making the intense Scorpio envious by his harmless banter. The Scorpio will also make things difficult for the Gemini, who will find his or her dominating attitude difficult to cope with in terms of elbowroom. Ironically, the Scorpio’s steadfastness and the Gemini’s frivolous nature will add to the turbulence rather than to the stability. They can balance each other out as well, if managed properly. If this is to happen and the relationship is to work, both parties must be able and willing to give some and take some in order to reach middle ground. The survival of the love match is entirely based on whether or not they are able to achieve this.

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Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

Though passion may be seen in the love match of a Gemini man with a Scorpio woman through the initial stages, a Gemini man and a Scorpio woman will soon experience some bumps in their journey together. This is mainly because both their temperaments are very different. Being headstrong, they will both have basic personality clashes and getting the relationship to work might not be easy after a while. The Scorpio woman’s zest for living will sweep the Gemini man off his feet and she will appreciate the fact that she can have intelligent conversations with him. Other than that, there are few things that will hold this love match together. While the Scorpio woman is looking for dependability and steadfastness that is inherently against his nature, the Gemini man will want the space to stretch his limbs which will not go down well with her instincts to control and dominate.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Love cannot hold a Gemini woman and a Scorpio man in a relationship for long, for though he is profound in his love, he is also all-consuming, envious of other men, stubborn and plays by what he considers right. Though her intelligence will appeal to his taste, her fickle, extroverted nature, coupled with her restlessness and devil-may-care attitude are not of his taste. Though there might be chemistry at first, both the Gemini woman and the Scorpio man need to be careful if they are looking for something more serious. It would be advisable to stay in the relationship only if both partners are willing to give and take to make things work. All in all, if no efforts and compromise are brought in by the Scorpio man and the Gemini woman, there are very little chances for this love match to work.


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